Zip Lining&Abseiling/repelling:

Do you want to feel like you’re flying? Then step towards the edge of the cliff and jump. If you feel like challenging yourself, feel like exercising some courage, then come try our zip lining adventure! It is a 40 meter long and 40 meter high zip lining, then 60 meter abseiling down the cliff. This fun journey allows you to experience both excitement and fear. As for safety measures we have four professionals operating together to insure your safety. This way you can have fun and be safe at the same time.

We offer:

– Four professional coaches trained in outdoor first aid.

– All necessary zip line equipment

– Water and snacks

Remember to bring your camera so you can take pictures of all the wonderful scenery, such as the vicissitudes stonewalls, mysterious caves, and the Yulong River are all worth making a photo album for.

                 zip-linningabseiling-17                 zip-linningabseiling-16                 zip-linningabseiling-15                 zip-linningabseiling-14

                 zip-linningabseiling-13                  zip-linningabseiling-11

                 zip-linningabseiling-10                   zip-linningabseiling-10

                 zip-linningabseiling-9                   zip-linningabseiling-8

                 zip-linningabseiling-7          zip-linningabseiling-6          zip-linningabseiling-4

                 zip-linningabseiling-5                    zip-linningabseiling-3

                 zip-linningabseiling-2                    zip-linningabseiling-1

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