Rock Climbing:

Rock climbing is a very challenging and fun outdoor activity. We have our own private exclusive rock-climbing venue; we have developed a wealth of rock climbing routes for beginners, and many routes for professional climbers. We have sport or bolted climbing lines, traditional climbing lines, and mulit-pitch lines for you to choose from.   Whether you are a beginner or have years of climbing experience, we are able to meet your rock climbing needs. We offer half-day rock climbing, and full day rock climbing options. We also offer 3-15 day rock climbing training courses.  As long as you book with us ahead of time we can provide the following services:

-Two or more rock climbing coaches trained in outdoor first aid (a foreign coach can be arranged according to you needs)

-All climbing equipment

– If you live in Yangshuo, we also provide round trip transportation

– For beginners we will explain all safety information for climbing.

– Water and snacks (included)

cropped-Climbing-1.jpg       climbing-2       climbing-3

climbing-4                   climbing-5                     climbing-6


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