Yangshuo Base camp is dedicated to company groups, school organizations, family groups, and outdoor travel enthusiasts.

Our goal is to provide a travel service company of trained professionals who provide adventure tourism and outdoor training development. Also, we work with a variety of international training institutions to provide us with the most unique outdoor development training venues.

Yangshuo base camp is in the world famous tourist area of Yangshuo, nestled in the scenic Feng Lou village, only 6 km from Yangshuo. Feng Lou village and Yangshuo are surrounded by beautiful mountains and river water; to put it briefly it is paradise. Yangshuo base camp relies on the unique castor landmarks of Yangshuo to provide an array of outdoor activities that will fulfill any outdoor enthusiast’s wants and needs.

Presently are head quarters offer: rock climbing, zip lining&abseiling/repelling, orienteering, raft building, low ropes, camping, barbecue, bonfires, swimming, farm visits,school visits, landscape painting, tai chi and many other projects. Among these activities and courses we are continually adding more outdoor activities to our services located at base camp. Around the base camp we also offer mounting biking, cave exploring, hiking, kayaking, cooking, bamboo rafting, white water rafting, fan painting, cormorant fishing, and the magnificent and large production of light show.

Our instructors:

We have coaches from different nationalities to help fit the needs of all our guests. All of our instructors have years of outdoor experience, and have passed the Australian rock climbing guide training course and test (PACL). Also, selection of our instructors that have passed the Chinese mountain development institute (CMDI) training course, this provides a strong technical support to all of the outdoor activities that we offer. In addition all of our instructors have received training through the Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMA). Our instructors are qualified and ready to deal with any problem, and or circumstance our guests might encounter while enjoying all of our outdoor experiences.

Our equipment:

All of our equipment is up to date and in accordance with the UIAA and CE standards.

Our goal:

We are known as the strong hold of yangshuo because of our vast tourism resources and our strong network relationships with the locals and other tourism groups.  We are extremely familiar with every little country road and the local customs. Our goal is to pay close attention to all our guests, and activities that take place in and around our base. Our goal is for you to leave our base with beautiful memories of Yangshuo, and China.


  1. Rock Climbing:

Rock climbing is a very challenging and fun outdoor activity. We have our own private exclusive rock-climbing venue; we have developed a wealth of rock climbing routes for beginners, and many routes for professional climbers. We have sport or bolted climbing lines, traditional climbing lines, and mulit-pitch lines for you to choose from.   Whether you are a beginner or have years of climbing experience, we are able to meet your rock climbing needs. We offer half-day rock climbing, and full day rock climbing options. We also offer 3-15 day rock climbing training courses.  As long as you book with us ahead of time we can provide the following services:

-Two or more rock climbing coaches trained in outdoor first aid (a foreign coach can be arranged according to you needs)

-All climbing equipment

– If you live in Yangshuo, we also provide round trip transportation

– For beginners we will explain all safety information for climbing.

– Water and snacks (included)

  1. Zip Lining&Abseiling/repelling:

Do you want to feel like you’re flying? Then step towards the edge of the cliff and jump. If you feel like challenging yourself, feel like exercising some courage, then come try our zip lining adventure! It is a 40 meter long and 40 meter high zip lining, then 60 meter abseiling down the cliff. This fun journey allows you to experience both excitement and fear. As for safety measures we have four professionals operating together to insure your safety. This way you can have fun and be safe at the same time.

We offer:

– Four professional coaches trained in outdoor first aid.

– All necessary zip line equipment

– Water and snacks

Remember to bring your camera so you can take pictures of all the wonderful scenery, such as the vicissitudes stonewalls, mysterious caves, and the Yulong River are all worth making a photo album for.

  1. Orienteering:

Orienteering is an outdoor recreation sport and an Olympic sport. It is a test of a person’s physical, mental, and orienting skills. It also tests one’s reaction to make right judgments and decisive decision making, and reliance. It is highly challenging and interesting. It’s suitable for all ages. The orienteering venue is located in our headquarters surrounded by quaint villages, towering mountains, and 2 km of the Yulong River, and Jingbao River.

We receive all groups and all ages. We provide the following services:

-Professional orienteering venue

-Professional orienteering coach

-International orienteering standards, maps, compasses

-Water and snacks

  1. Raft building:

Raft building is a great outdoor water activity to cultivate team spirit, (is full of fun) and to have a great time on a hot day. It allows everyone to exercise their imagination, creativity, and leadership skills. Our base camp has the most beautiful, and quite venue for you to enjoy this “cool” water activity.

We provide:

-The materials to make your craft

-Professional wild life raft coaches with training in first aid

-Life vests

-A beautiful venue

-Water and snacks

  1. Low rope over water:

Go across the water on a cable! It’s fun, and it is exciting! This trip should not be missed! What we provide:

-An awesome place to do it

-Trained outdoor coaches-Life vests

-Water, and snacks

  1. Camping:

Our camp site is surrounded on the three sides by mountains, and beautiful water scenery on the other side. Come down and enjoy the fresh air, the fun activities, and the birds. Let nature embrace and refresh you. Our camp site is one of the best in Yangshuo; our camp grounds have 4 on sight up to hotel standard bathrooms, and showers. Not only can you enjoy the natural environment, but you can also enjoy hot water! We provide high quality tents, sleeping bag and roll mat for up to a hundred people.

  1. BBQ:

Imagine you’re surrounded by mountains on three sides, flowing water on one, and you’re watching the sun set behind some of the best scenery you’ve seen in your life. Now imagine in you left hand is a chicken leg, in your right hand a chicken wing, and right next to a bottle of ice cold beer. That’s what we provide you with. No matter if you’re looking for traditional Chinese or western BBQ we can do it for you. If you have any special requests we will take care of them.

  1. Bon fire:

The sun has gone to sleep, but there’s no need to be afraid. We still have the moon and the stars. Oh, and also a giant fire! After a long day of activities is there any better way to calm down and relax, than sitting around a bon fire with your friends, family loved ones and a whole lot of local beer, and bai jiu(white wine)? Obviously the answer is no, there is no other way. We provide all the wood you can burn, and all the beer, and bai jiu(white wine) you can drink.

  1. Swimming:

It’s said that the scenery of Guilin is some of the best under the sky, now imagine on a hot summer’s day diving (jumping) into beautiful, cool clear water and swimming inside that scenery.

What we provide:

-Professionally trained coaches to keep you safe

-A beautiful place to swim

-Hot shower

  1. Farm visit:

Our base camp is 6km from Yangshuo nestled in an absolutely beautiful part of the country side. This area has houses as old as 200 years and offers a plethora of cultural gems.  We’ll let you learn how to work an oxen pulled plow, show you how to seed the ground, how to plant crops, and teach you all the local customs. Everyone should understand where his or her food comes from, we not only show but we let you experience it. You’ll leave here with a new found respect for the locals.

  1. Primary school visit:

We are familiar with all of Yangshuo’s primary schools, and know which ones really need help. We have taken many groups, including personal groups, and company groups to more than 20 primary schools, and have helped the students with communications, and just interacting with them. We have a lot of experience in this field.

  1. Chinese landscape painting:

When you’re in this beautiful painting like scenery, you should have chance to take it with you. Let’s face it you can only dream of places like this, so for you to be able to take that dream with you and show your friends and family

We provide the following:

-A master painter

-Chinese landscape painting interpretation and skills

-Brush and paper


  1. Tai Ji:

Yangshuo is a place to relax, to learn, and to escape from the drudge of everyday life. In Yangshuo everyday there are many Chinese, and foreigners learning and doing Tai Ji together, we work with one of the best coaches to make sure you get what you want out of your experience.

  1. Mountain biking:

We are familiar with all the bike routes in Yangshuo, even the tiny ones in the middle of nowhere. We’ll take you places you’ve never seen before, and will answer any question you can think of. It doesn’t matter if you choose to go biking for half a day, or three days, we’ll make sure your journey is pack full of fun and surprises.

What we provide:

-Professional cycling coach, and professional coach trained in first aid.

-High performance mountain bikes.

-Professional helmets

-Water and snacks

  1. Cave exploring:

After all those beautiful green mountains, and clear rivers, there are still a few things you can’t miss out on. CAVING! Caving is a challenging outdoor sport, and has a certain charm to it. You never know what your next step will be like, never know what you’ll find, your imagination runs wild, and it ignites a fire in you, all you want to do is explore. Because of Yangshuo’s unique landscape, the varieties of caves here are endless. You can go into a cave and find mud baths or find underground rivers. Our base camp is 5km from a bunch of caves; we can hike there, ride bikes there, or catch a ride in a bus.

What we provide:

-Coaches with many years of experience, professional trained in caving, and first aid.

-Helmets, and headlights

-Way there and back

-Water and snacks

  1. Hiking:

You can read tens of thousands of books, but it won’t compare to walking a thousand miles. In the years that our base camp has been open we have developed, and discovered all sorts of hiking trails; suburban, rural, mountainous, jungle, rivers, and many classics, some of these trails have become hot spots (such as the Longsheng terrace hike). We can design a day to a week of hiking trails depending on what you want. We have many years of rich experience in hiking, we will provide you with a coach who is trained in first aid, and all of the necessary equipment; however we will not provide clothes and hiking shoes. Those you got to bring on your own.

  1. Kayaking:

The river is broad and flat downstream, both sides picturesque. Barely any boats passing by, there’s only the ducks, the buffalos, and your team enjoying the picturesque scenery. You and your teammates can play water sports, go exploring on the island, or go down the river to the old village. You’ll feel like you’re in a painting. We have half day, or whole day water activities to keep you happy.

What we provide:

-Trained in first aid coaches-Rubber rafting making skills-Rubber rafts


-A way there and back

-Water and snacks

Suggestion: Bring your camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a change of clothes.

  1. Cooking School

When you miss Yangshuo’s beautiful scenery all you have to do is look at all the photos you took, and it’ll be like you’re there again, but what about the great food? You can’t take with you. Or can you? We work with the best cooking school, to teach you how to cook all that food you loved, so when you go home you can still enjoy it, and give your friends a taste of Yangshuo. Are teachers will be more than happy to impart all their knowledge to you. So take some art home with you, and when you’re sitting at home make yourself some genuine Yangshuo food.

  1. Bamboo rafting:

If you come to Yangshuo and miss out on the Li River, that’s okay, but you CAN NOT miss out on the Dragon River. It’s a tributary of Li River, it passes through beautiful peaks, pass banks of lush green grass, riding on a clear river, and it’s like being in a dream.

What we provide:

-Trained in first aid instructor


-Life jackets

-A way there and back

-Water and snacks

  1. Whitewater rafting:

Canyon rafting Drifting down a river that’s as long as the day, with the sun shining above, surrounded by green trees and tall mountains, and all the sudden things get…EXTREME! Get ready to work with nature! Our base camp has two mature rafting bases; the best time to drift down the river it in the middle of May to early September. Drift on down to Danxia, get into the waves, and enjoy the ethnic customs.

What we provide:

-Trained in first aid instructors

-Inflatable boats


-A way there and back

-Water and snacks

21.Fan painting:

Yangshuo has a reputation for its painted fans. They come in many varieties; landscapes, flowers and birds, calligraphy, plum blossoms, and bamboo. Our base camp is the perfect place to paint fans.

What we provide:

-A master fan painter

-Brush, and fan

-Transportation to and from

-Water, and snacks

  1. Cormorant fishing:

Yangshuo fishing people are hardworking and full of wisdom, more than 2000 years ago they domesticated wild cormorants to help them fish. This ancient method still continues today, however today this method can’t fulfill our food needs, but some of the older people still keep this old fishing method alive. In the evening if you feel like going back to ancient days this is what we provide:

-Trained in first aid instructors



-It is about a two

-hour evening trip on the water

-Water and snacks

  1. Light Show:

It’s a beautifully acted out interpretation of a folk tale of the region. It’s backdrop is twelve breaths taking peaks, and it’s performed on water. There are 600 specially trained actors. It is a new concept, absolutely amazing. They perform classic fold songs, folk customs, river fishing, and a bunch of other innovative elements. It is a successful interpretation of the harmonious relationship between man and nature. A masterpiece!

What we provide:

-A guide with rich experience in this field


-A way there and back

Other services:

Because we are natives we can provide with a tailor made experience. Whatever you would like, we can arrange it for you, and at a good price. Hotels, food, entertainment, outdoor activities, and transportation, we do it all.

Our clients:

Our clients include: outdoor adventures companies, outdoor development training companies, international schools, domestic universities, company group, and individual family groups, The customers we have served before speak very highly of us and are more than willing to recommend us.

Below is a list of our customers:

– Terratribes Expeditions Company

-The Beijing IWNC Consulting Company

-Asia Pacific Adventure

– Insight Adventure Company  。

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